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Web application based booking system

Amongst our most challenging yet interesting sectors of interest, health. Our continuous engagements with both private and public sector hospitals and clinics clearly outlined the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Some of the problems were common, while others varied from place to place depending on the size and location.

Our first challenge was to develop an SMS/application based booking system, allowing patients seeking to meet doctors accordingly could be availed with ease. This was to reduce the heavy queues in waiting rooms as well as save on expense of commuting for members traveling from distant regions, this gave rise to what now call ” Top Doc” your very own platform curated and tailored by and for the people.

Next in, having noticed the emergency rooms being heavily occupied with patients, asking for assistance with mere shouting didn’t serve the purpose hence leading to discomfort and potential loss of life incase of an emergency. Hence, our students used NRF modules to create low cost ‘calling systems’ where a patient would press a button in signaling the nurse at her base station to attend to the patient requesting accordingly. Now the project seeks to simply their design and expand their project into a product with over 300 pcs in order waiting.


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