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BSF farming using Seeed’s SenseCAP sensors

Our main focus in agriculture was to scale two very important projects that would provide local empowerment and income opportunities for the local community. Based on the research and feedback, we focused on the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming as well as developing low cost Egg Incubators for chicken farmers, both of which would work hand in hand potentially.

To begin with, after the successful testing of the BSF farming, using Seeed’s SenseCAP sensors, we developed a bigger pilot and were able to scale towards our objective, to yield enough larva that could be used a sample for testing in the feed. We were successful and were able to yield in the first month itself over 100kgs of larva.

Next, we focused on developing the egg incubator using basic microcontrollers and repurposed material for the outer structure of the incubator. The initial challenge was the power consumption was too high given the use of high wattage bulbs, since the heat and humidity needed to meet threshold requirements for success, but eventually sort out alternatives that worked according to our needs, thanks to the hardware attained from Seeed Studio.


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