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Creo Design Engineer

About Instructor

Course Overview

In this course, the students learns how to make various exciting and innovative designs of products using maths and science knowledge. Designing in Creo 4 brings our students creative and innovative thinking. Designing in Creo 4 makes students responsibly understand mathematic and science making them more interested in studies. PTC, USA has developed scientific STEM curriculum on Creo 4 to let students design exciting products like Sports Water Bottle, Aeroplane, Space Suit, Plant Leaf, etc

Course summary

  • Sketching, Editing sketches, Dimensioning.
  • Sketching commands
  • How to apply Constraining
  • What is part modeling, What are the types of part modeling.
  • Difference between solid model and sheet metal modeling, Sketch based features, Engg features, Editing features.
  • Datum, Editing part model, Dimensioning
  • Task for students :- identify different birds . Collect images for different types of birds
  • Sketching Eagle wings using Arcs, Spline, line, Extruding the sketch of wings
  • Sketching Falcon wings using Arcs, Spline, line, Extruding the sketch of wings, Render
  • Using assembly constraint, Assembling the wings as one assembly
  • Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself.
  • Right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy pleasure.
  • You how all this mistaken idea of denouncing.


Duration 3MONTHS
Instution RoboTech Lab
Location Mindu Street, Upanga,Shop No.3, Zahra Arcade,Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Location map

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