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Course Overview

In this level students are introduced to programming environment in a very creative manner. Here they understand the power of Information Technology and how to use it effectively for various applications. While, teaching programming to adults might be a boring concept, teaching younger ones is fun.They create various games and animation using the creative graphical programming platform of “Scratch” which developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

Course summary

  • Able to understand the basic terminology used in computer programming.
  • Learn vital problem-solving, creativity and communication skills.
  • Manipulating variables — chunks of computer memory — to store and retrieve data.
  • Using operators to manipulate data. These include arithmetic operators (plus, minus, multiply, divide), as well as comparison operators and so on.
  • Altering control flow with conditional statements and loops.
  • Event handling: writing code that responds to events, such as key presses and mouse clicks.
  • Detecting and responding to real-world input, including the mouse position, the loudness of the sounds.
  • Simple multimedia programming, including drawing, animation and sound.


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Duration 2MONTHS
Instution RoboTech
Location Mindu Street, Upanga,Shop No.3, Zahra Arcade,Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
Price Sh350,000.00 Sh300,000.00

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